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The Evolution of MCity

History of MCity

During the R-evolutionary War, an official plan was developed to utilize a group of soldiers, called Marines. These Marines served with honor and distinction overseeing missions on and off Navy Continental Ships. It was during this time on November 10, 1775, that a resolution was officially recognized giving birth to the Marine Corp.

To this day, it is observed as an "internal" holiday, as a celebration of both history and traditions. 

So, in observance of the Marine Corp Birthday and Veterans Day weekend, I thought I speak about how we arrived to this moment with

The Evolution of MCity

For over a decade, home for MCity Mortgage was located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, Florida. During this time, this not-so-traditional mortgage company's primary mission was assisting families with one of the most significant financial investments most would ever experience.

Our belief was that obtaining the perfect home to create endless memories shouldn't be like getting blinded folded, kidnapped & interrogated. It should be like getting helpful advice from a trusted friend. 

Making the Connection

As with most success stories, both teamwork and communication are profoundly crucial; especially when it involves a home. Everyone involved is required to operate in unison as if one significant symbiosis with an intelligence to accomplish the goal. 

It was through this transparent camaraderie, that our inter-connective web of relationships grew even more expansive, giving birth to the motto, "Making the Connection to Make the Difference." 

Making the Difference

During the business's life-cycle, we had the extraordinary privilege to listen as others shared their exclusive stories. All in a valiant attempt to retrieve keys to a house, they would soon call, home.

While these stories fueled my passion with a personal understanding of what it is like to be defined by mere statistics. It was also these countless experiences that became the catalyst for the creation of

The Re-Birth

Rising from the ashes brings forth our real purpose, mine was to consolidate all resources onto one platform. Continuing my moral obligation in creating this community through an integrated, holistic approach. All to be released as one life-long "case-study".

These efforts are so that others who may be searching out answers can witness them without the blur of what worked in the past or what may work in the not-so-distant future; allowing us the ability to battle on "common ground."

My only wish is to be gifted the opportunity and privilege to a part of your transformational journey. To become a trusted friend and provide resources to help flip preconceived notions, separate myths from benefit, and uncover approaches that can help utilize the skills you hold by being the best version of yourself.



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Saturday, 05 December 2020
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